Whole30 Day 9, and Catching Up

I have a few days to get caught up on here, but thankfully it’s been pretty low-drama. I feel like I’ve had only mild “side effects” based on the Whole30 Timeline, so I’m definitely grateful for that. The biggest thing I can report so far is needing more sleep/being more tired. Like yesterday I got home from work and immediately crashed into bed and slept for about 2 hours.

I’ve been surprised by what I have and haven’t missed eating. I thought pasta was going to be the biggest hurdle for me – I love a good bowl of spaghetti or fettuccine alfredo. However, I haven’t had a single pasta craving since we started Whole30. (Possibly because we have spaghetti squash, so that might be enough to curb the craving.) There have been moments where I really wanted pizza, and moments where I wanted a burrito, but they always pass more quickly than I would have otherwise predicted. The thing I miss the most? A glass of milk. Milk wasn’t even on my radar of “things I might miss the most” but man, I would freaking LOVE a glass of milk.

My new happy pill prescription isย going ok so far as well. I don’t feel a *whole* lot better yet but I’m being patient, lol, since it can take a few weeks to really see how it’s working. (I feel better enough to be able to be patient, so, that’s good!!) I haven’t had bad side effects there either, except some really stressful/bad/violent dreams… I’m not sure if that could be a side effect of the prescription, but I’d like to do some research on it. Could just be a coincidence. Now that I’m typing it out and thinking about it, that’s also got to be a contributing factor to me being more tired – these dreams are sometimes so bad that they wake me up, so my sleep at night keeps getting disrupted. Hmmm. Definitely going to do some research on that tonight.


Whole30 Day 5, and the Fog has Lifted

๐ŸŽตAnd at last I see the liiight๐ŸŽต… I’m going to want to watch Tangled now, haha. The point is though, I’m feeling SO much better than I had been. The sad slump left me alone today.

I was massively craving carbs yesterday, but today went really well. No cravings, just enjoyed the food I did have.

It’s so nice having my husband on board too. He doesn’t work on Fridays, so while I was at work, he did some grocery shopping and then made us orange chicken with cauliflower rice for dinner. ย (I can’t believe I just typed those words. Cauliflower rice??! Who even am I.) It was good! We found the recipe on Pinterest and will make a couple minor tweaks next time, but we liked it. Good enough to keep around for sure.

Whole30-friendly orange chicken with cauliflower rice. Yup, we're "those people" for the next 25 days. ๐Ÿ™ƒ#whole30 #cauliflowerriceactuallytastesok #homecooking #catcameoOrange chicken, and a special cameo appearance by one of our cats.

We’re going to a kite festival tomorrow, so hopefully I’ll get a few fun pictures there! Settling in now for the night with Guardians of the Galaxy. We had to revisit the first one in order to properly prepare for the new one. Of course.

Whole30 Day 4, and ALL THE SPIDERS

It’s official, the “kill all the things” phase of Whole30 (seriously, it’s a thing, look it up lol) is manifesting as “feel weepy about all the things” for me. I was talking with my office mates about it, since three of us are doing Whole30 together, and I said that I’m ok with being sad instead of angry because at least this way I’m not being rude to anyone else. One of the gals made the good point that being weepy (without a legit reason) is a sort of like being rude to myself, so, there is also that… either way, it should only last a day or two more. 

My body is feeling pretty good though. I didn’t really realize before tha I felt bloated a lot, but now I don’t feel bloated and I can totally tell a difference. I’m looking forward to trying a couple new recipes this weekend. 

Completely unrelated: the spiders. Oh my heavens, the spiders. We had all that much-needed rain this year, which has now resulted in everything nature-y booming: pollen, mosquitoes, wildflowers, snakes… and spiders. We live at the bottom of a hilly “open space” and right next to a field. Not complaining – it’s really pretty and we love our little apartment. But dude we have so.many.spiders. I’ve killed two so far tonight. But wait! There’s more: one on the ceiling that I can’t reach, and another one that ran under a bookshelf and dissappeared. Not cool, guys. Not cool. So now I wait and watch for them to come within reach. This is nightlife after you get married. #spiderparty #killitwithfire

Whole30 Day 3, Coming In Like a Ton of Bricks

I’m not sure if it’s my body adjusting to Whole30, my brain adjusting to my new prescription, hormones, stress at work, or what… but I was hit with a major sad wave this afternoon.  And it’s still going. I feel completely emotionally wiped and like I suck at life. Usually when I get sad like this, my method of comfort is food. Namely, carbs: pasta, bread, pizza. But since I’m doing Whole30, those things are all off-limits… so I can’t even self-medicate the way I typically would. 

I think I’m going to try sleeping it off. I don’t have the umph to get up and do much else, to be honest. I just got home from work – it’s not even 6pm, but I think pajamas and blankets are gonna be the way to go. Maybe something on Netflix. 

Sorry for the mopey post. But this is the truth of how I’m doing today, and I’m trying to write about these experiences as transparently as possible. 

Also, there are two large spiders camped out in the living room, too high on the ceiling for me to reach. UGH. I hate hate hate spiders. Weird way for the universe to kick me while I’m down, lol. 

Whole30 Day 2, and the Wonder That Is Laundry

Day 2 = done! I was pleasantly surprised by how I felt today. I was apprehensive, because days 2-3 of Whole30 are supposed to be like this “sugar hangover,” plus today was also the first day of taking my new happy pill. The first few days (even the first couple weeks, really) of taking this new happy pill can cause some upset tummy action, headaches, etc. But maybe I just got lucky and didn’t really have any of those issues today! I did hit a pretty hard “3 O’Clock Slump”… no joke, I thought I was going to fall asleep during a meeting at work. The struggle with my eyelids was real. So tomorrow I’m going to make sure I eat a snack maybe around 2:30pm to help prevent that from happening again.

Ok, the laundry thing. We live in a condo with a few shared washers and dryers for the whole complex (20 condos in total). It’s great to have them right here, but they’re coin-operated, and it was costing us about $50 per month to do laundry. Gross. And it takes about 2 hours to do a full load, wash and dry. Ain’t nobody got time for that. So we bought this hand-powered mini washing machine and this electric spin dryer. And they are amazing. It takes less than 5 minutes to wash the clothes, and then like 3 minutes to spin-dry them. They don’t come out totally dry but very close to it – we’ve been hanging things up to finish air-drying. We’ll still use the regular washer and dryer for bigger stuff like towels and sheets, but doing what we can with our new toys is saving so.much.time.and.money. #adultinglikeapro

Dinner’s ready and so is the movie we downloaded, so, that’s my cue to log off. Tonight we’ve got homemade burgers wrapped in lettuce with tomato and mustard and it’s smelling all sorts of delicious. The movie for the evening is Passengers. So far giving off a very Wall-E + Fallout vibe, haha.

All the Self-Improvement Things!

Ok so, here we go again, wanting to do the blog thing and stick with it lol. But I think this will actually be a good time for me to boot this up – there’s a lot going on right now, and I think/hope that some of the things I’m up to are things that may resonate with other folks as well.

Let’s start with Self-Improvement Thing #1: Whole30. ย I got sucked in! Two of my office mates started it today and I decided to join them. But what’s my “why?” It’s pretty simple – I need to lose a bit over 100 pounds, and my biggest challenge is my relationship with food. This seems like a good way to re-set the way I view (and use) food. Plus it’ll force me to learn new recipes, unless I want to eat nothing but eggs and sweet potatoes for the next 30 days. I survived Day 1, so yay! I did my first Whole30 grocery shopping today and felt so damn healthy. Ya’ll should have seen it. I’ve never bought so many vegetables in my life.

Moving on into Self-Improvement Thing #2: Getting My First Krav Maga Belt. Krav Maga is, as defined by the Google, “aย form of self-defense and physical training, first developed by the Israeli army in the 1940s, based on the use of reflexive responses to threatening situations.” I started taking Krav Maga and boxing classes about 8 weeks ago and love them both. If I take a certain number of classes within a 6-month period, I can qualify for my first belt test (like karate belts). I’ve never achieved anything athletic before, so earning a belt would feel like a huge accomplishment for me. And it’s fun to learn how to literally kick ass.

Next up is Self-Improvement Thing #3: Happy Pills. I’ve struggled with depression and anxiety since I was a teenager (along with an OCD, but that can be a post for another day). I haven’t been on an anti-depressant for quite a while, buuuut it’s time. I’ve had a rough time with all my brain weasels for the past several months and finally went to a doctor today. My new prescription starts tomorrow – Day 2 of Whole30 + Day 1 of a new prescription might make for an interesting combination, haha! Thankfully I’ve got a strong support system to help me hold on to a few of my marbles here.

We’ll bring it home with Self-Improvement Thing #4: Pre-Nursing Classes. This item is a complicated topic for me. I enjoy my current career as a project manager, but I also feel drawn towards doing something in the medical field. I started taking nursing prerequisites last Fall – that semester was awesome, but Spring was an entirely different story. I ended up having to drop the class due to significant issues with the professor and the way the class was ran… I’ve never had to drop a class before and was sooo upset that I was going to have a dropped class on my transcripts now. However, it wasn’t just me, and it turned into this whole crazy snowball that went all the way up to the dean of the school, and it looks like the school is going to remove the dropped class from our transcripts. But anyways. That same semester, my role changed at work, and the scope of what I do greatly expanded. I started wondering if switching careers is the best thing for me or not. I’ve gone back and forth about it, but I realized that some part of me just isn’t ready to let it go yet. So today I registered for an online nutrition class for this Summer, and I’m planning on re-enrolling in that Spring class again this upcoming Fall with a different instructor.

So that’s what I’ve got going on! Should give me plenty of things to write about over the next several months, yeah? Whole30 and weight loss and boxing and Krav Maga belts and depression/anxiety/OCD and working full-time while going to school part-time? Yeah.

Feel free to drop me a line if any of this does resonate with you… if you’ve been there and done that, or if you’re hoping to be there and do that… wherever you are with your stuff. ย ๐Ÿ™‚