Lots of Good Things!

We’ve got some good stuff going on right now. First, my husband and I had our 4-year wedding anniversary last week. He wasn’t able to get the day off work but we got good news about his job that day: starting next month, his schedule is shifting and we’ll have weekends off together! We haven’t had evenings or weekends together since he started his job a year ago, so we’re really looking forward to that.

We did have a couple days off together this week though, because I took a couple days off. We got SO MUCH DONE around our apartment. It’s seriously never looked this open and airy. We also got rid of a bunch of stuff. About a year ago, we saw a documentary about minimalism, and have slowly been trying to pare down our belongings. I don’t think we’ll ever be actual minimalists but we liked the idea of having less stuff in general. So we’ve gotten rid of some things here and there over the past several months, but we really went to town on it this weekend. We ended up donating 13 bags of stuff, 2 storage buckets of stuff, a shoe rack, and a dvd/bookshelf. We still have plenty of things, believe me lol, but everything has a place now. Everything we have either serves a purpose or brings us joy. (If you haven’t seen the KonMari Method of organizing your home, I highly recommend checking it out).

Also! Writing it here for public accountability, haha… I will not buy any more clothes until I have to. Meaning, all my clothes are either too big or worn out and they actually need replaced. Going through my closet could have been an Olympic event.

Other good stuff: I registered for 1 online class for the summer term, and 1 on-campus class for Fall. I’m gonna try physiology again, lol. I talked about my experience taking physiology in the Spring semester a handful of posts ago, but in a nutshell, it was a hot mess and I had to drop it. So! Round 2, here we come. That’s not until the Fall though… I’ve got a few months. My summer class is a nutrition class – I’m looking forward to maybe learn some new things to go along with the dietary changes we’re already making.

The only big thing that I’m still struggling with right now is the continued lack of motivation to go work out after work. It’s getting warm enough now that I could go to boxing or go swimming but I’m just totally done by the end of the day. Maybe more sleep? A different snack mid-afternoon to up my energy? I’ve got a couple things I can try.


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