Whole30 Day 30, and Out With the Old

Day 30! We’re here! Even though this is the last night of the challenge, we’re going to keep our eating habits largely in line with Whole30. We think we’ll try adding in small amounts of things just so we can have more recipe variety – for example, tomorrow night we’re trying a new jalapeño chicken recipe that is all Whole30-compliant ingredients except for 1 tbsp of cream cheese and 1 tbsp of milk. And it says it serves 4 people, so, it’ll be 1/4 of a tbsp of both per serving… so not bad at all there.

It’s easier now to recognize eating out and/or more decadent foods as being a treat, rather than a way to eat every day. Not eating that way all the time also makes that type of food more fun to enjoy and we savor it more. It’s also easier now to look at food in terms of “what does my body need right now?” versus “what sounds good right now.” I feel like my body is more attuned to recognize what I’m actually needing – protein? veggies? a little fruit to pick me up? I never thought I’d be the type of person to crave carrot sticks, but, there you go.

It’s been a great experience (even with a few cheats, which I talked about along the way). I hope we’re able to stick with it like we plan to, and perhaps if we slide back into old habits over time, we can re-do the actual Whole30 challenge as a re-set. Overall, I feel like that’s essentially what this was: a re-set of our relationship with food.

Oh, and, we did lost weight. So that’s another reason why we’d like to continue! I lost 16 pounds. Of course, I don’t expect to lose as much every month, since that’ll slow down as my body adjusts and these new eating patterns become the norm. But eating this way combined with boxing and swimming will definitely help me get to a healthier weight.

We got so much done around our house this weekend! Our living room looks so spacious now! We got rid of an old couch that we didn’t need anymore. We tore apart a dining room table that had been in our back patio for months. We dismantled a well-loved cat tower that our cats had outgrown and used within an inch of it’s life. (The cats are totally fine with it though… it had been in our bedroom, so now they’re just laying on the bed instead, and they’re not exactly suffering.) We’ve been slowly hacking away at making our apartment be less cluttered and stuffed full of stuff and it’s so great to see our efforts paying off. However, we did add one thing to our place this weekend. My dad brought over the grandfather clock that my grandma gave me before her move next month – so our living room not only got more spacious, but also classier, haha.


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