Whole30 Day 19, and Whooooa We’re Halfway There 

We’re over halfway done with Whole30! I’m not sure yet what post-Whole30 is going to look like for us… but we’re over halfway there regardless, haha. The time has gone by so much faster than I thought it would. I feel like we’ve learned so many new recipes and healthier eating habits. I’m getting much better at looking at food from the perspective of “what does my body need” instead of like, eating because I’m bored or watching Netflix. My cravings are still pretty consistent. There’s been moments when someone has had something that looked tasty, but I’ve done ok with resisting and moving past it pretty quickly. I still want a glass of milk though!

There was a recipe this week where we bought ranch dressing at the grocery store that wasn’t totally compliant. The recipe was really tasty: buffalo chicken with bell peppers and celery over a baked potato. The recipe included a drizzle of ranch dressing over the top. After working all day, the last thing I wanted to do was make homemade mayo… and then  turn that into homemade ranch… just for a drizzle. Oh and then of course make the rest of the meal. Soooo I looked at like every bottle of ranch dressing in the store and found one that was really really close to being compliant and deemed it close enough. We made enough leftovers for lunches the next day and it might have even been yummier on day 2. I’ll absolutely make it again. Nom.

I was really pleased this week with my progress in my boxing classes too. I didn’t get tired as easily. I was able to go through our drills without needing to take any mini-breaks to catch my breath. I did better remembering the sequences of the drills too, which I’m stoked about, because I get really anxious about messing up the sequences. I don’t want to frustrate whoever I’m paired with for the day (even though everybody is super nice and has never expressed frustration with me – I still get paranoid that they’re just too nice to say anything!) I’m starting to catch on to some patterns, so that’s helping with the sequences for sure, and is a lot of fun.

My lunch break is about over, so time to wrap up here. Happy Friday!


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