Whole30 Day 10, and the Cone of Shame


We cheated.

We big fat cheated on Whole30 and it was.not.worth.it.

No ma’am.

So, it all kinda started at work today. I was in a workshop all day and they had kindly provided food, but none of it was Whole30-friendly. (Not complaining! I chose to do this thing.) But it was tough to be surrounded by muffins and cookies and tacos that I couldn’t eat. It was really the first time I’d been around non-Whole30 food since we started. It made me so, so grateful that my husband agreed to try it with me, because I’m not sure I would have made it more than a day or two if non-Whole30 food had been in our apartment.

All that to say, my resolve was feeling pretty weak by the end of the day. Β And when my husband got off work and we started talking about dinner, burritos came up. And there just happens to be a Taco Bell between the office and our apartment. You can guess what happened next.

In the words of the knight from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, we chose… poorly.

All the cliches are true. It didn’t taste as good as we thought it would. It really, really didn’t. We both felt super gross afterwards. My stomach felt awful and heavy and ew. It’s been a couple hours, and I still feel nasty, plus now we’re also having Taco Bell burps that are just about unholy.

My husband was like “maaaybe we should keep this just between us,” but I wanted a record of it. He ended up agreeing – so here I am, lol. One, because I said I’d be honest about the experience, and two, I wanted something to look back on as a reminder next time we’re tempted. Future me, it’s not worth it. Step away from the Taco Bell and/or Dominos app.Β 

Overall I’m glad we did it, because now we know. I feel like this will make it easier to stick with it. We learned a lesson.

It also brings up a question about what we’ll do after these first 30 days. I thought we might eat more Whole30-ish in general, but bring other foods back in, and maybe have a treat once a week or something. But this was not a treat. Hoo boy, nope.


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